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Dept of Children and Family Services
(800) 25-ABUSE or
(800) 252-2873

Department of Aging
(800) 252-8966
or (800) 279-0400
after business hours

DHS Office of the Inspector General
(800) 368-1463

Mandated Reporting

While consumers can in general be assured of confidential treatment services, Illinois law makes specific exceptions when vulnerable persons may be at risk of harm.

Abuse and neglect reporting laws give providers of mental health and developmental disabilities services the duty of protecting minors under the age of 18 and the elderly. In addition, Illinois law makes all employees "mandated reporters" whenever a fellow provider is suspected of abusing or neglecting a consumer.

All Grand Prairie Services employees are expected to understand and comply with the laws concerning mandated reporting. The policies of the organization establish that any failure to do will be treated as a serious violation of our corporate values and practices.

To support staff members in exercising their important responsibilities for patient protection, Grand Prairie Services makes the following materials available to supplement ongoing training and supervision:

The Department of Human Services (DHS) Office of Inspector General has provided Reporting Abuse and Neglect of Adults with Disabilities as a training tool. Click on the link to revisit the definitions of abuse and neglect, and to learn more about how allegations are reported and investigated.
Click on the link above to read the Manual for Mandated Reporters, published by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. The responsibility for protecting children falls equally on employees who work directly with youth AND on those who instead work with adults entrusted with the care of children at home or in the workplace.
Although it is not strictly a mandated reporting act, the Elder Abuse and Neglect Act provides important protections for seniors who may be at risk of harm or exploitation in their home or community. The Department of Aging has provided a brochure that explains how to protect the welfare of seniors while respecting their dignity and right of self-determination.
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